Friday, August 19, 2005

PyMate 0.1

The new version of PyMate can be downloaded at the usual location. It's a very interesting release, most of all because of the inclusion of project detection and support.
There are still rough edges here and there, the layout could do with some more work and the wrap() function is a bandaid -- but now I can feel proud of this little thing I've done. TextMate is becoming the most Python-friendly editor for the Macintosh... Stay tuned for a new release of DocMate (with a few compelling fixes, a long needed code rehauling and absolutely no new features!).

[FIXED] When a traceback item refers to a non-existing file (e.g.: the .py was deleted but the .pyc is still around), no link is shown.

[NEW] The new tmproj module can open TextMate project and can determine whether a given filename belongs to the project.

[NEW] If there's an open project, PyMate displays different link colors to show whether the file referred by the traceback item belongs to the current project or not. If no project is open, revert to the previous behaviour.

[CHANGED] There are now three different template strings for "near" files (belonging to the project), "far" files (not belonging to the project) and nonexistent files.

[CHANGED] Template strings for the traceback items can be formatted with the locals() dictionary.

[CHANGED] File names now display in a tooltip the complete file name. A dotted underline is used to suggest the presence of a tooltip message.

Friday, August 12, 2005

BerliOS project for PyMate and DocMate

You can get the latest release of PyMate and DocMate from this page, thanks to BerliOS.
This will be the only supported mode for downloading the latest & greatest version of PyMate and DocMate from me (of course you can wait a couple hours and get the goodness from TextMate SVN Repository).

Thursday, August 11, 2005

DocMate 0.0.2

DocMate 0.0.2 is available at this location.
You can bind cmd+H to and cmd+shift+H to --extended. DocMate will do its best to locate a suitable docstring for the word you're currently in.

PyMate 0.0.5

You can download PyMate 0.0.5 at this location.

  • nicely formatted script output
  • clear exception signaling
  • traceback inspector which opens the selected file at the appropriate line in TextMate.


This is the devblog of PyMate and DocMate, two extensions to the Python support in TextMate. They will be probably shipped with TextMate 1.1 from beta 17 onwards, however you'll be able to download updated versions from this site as well as from the TextMate SVN Repository.
I'd like to hear comments and suggestions from you all!

About the author: my name is Domenico Carbotta, I'm an Undergraduate Student at Politecnico di Milano, where I study Computer Systems Engineering.